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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  July 25, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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6:00 a.m. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. >> top story this morning, gunshots ring out outside a pizzeria. one person is dead and one person is injured. nick smith is live in east palo alto police department. many of these killings have been very recent, right? >> sn. >> reporter: absolutely. they are looking to see if they are connected. east palo alto had the highest murder rate in the country making it known as the murder capital. take look at this video. police say they are no longer reject the title. recently they announced a summer violence reduction plan, but two overnight shootings are only raising the level of anxiety in the community. last night about 10:25 p.m. two men, 19-year-old and 18-year-old were in this parking lot on east bay shore road. while they were outside of their car, they were fired upon by
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unknown suspects. the shooting would send the 18-year-old to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries but would leave the 19-year-old fatally wounded and investigators pronounced him dead at the scene. there have been four people shot and killed in east palo alto bringing the 2011 body count to six. police do not know if the shootings are related. >> we're still looking at it. i can't commit one way or the other but it's definitely something we are looking at. >> police tell me their summer violence reduction plan is designed to work with the community and partner agencies to reduce crime in hot spots. they also tell me their anonymous tip line has played a role in giving information to investigators and they hope to have information today assuage
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and appease the fears members of the community. san francisco police are looking for the suspects who opened fire and shot two passengers on a muni bus. it happened on the bay shore express near visitacion and sawyer in visitacion valley on sunday morning. both victims were taken to the hospital what are described as non life-threatening injuries. police have not released any information on the suspected shooter expect to say it appears they were shooting from outside the bus. in oakley, police have arrested a man for a shooting that left a person dead and teenager injured. david vargas of oakley is being held on $1.8 million bail. he is accused of killing 22-year-old man and injuring a 16-year-old boy who is expected to recover. today the two men accused of
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savagely beating bryan stow have their first court appearance and abc7 has exclusive pictures of the pair. amy hollyfield is live at san francisco general where stow continues to slowly recover. >> reporter: stow's family is going through so much. they are dealing with his health which is very unpredictable. also, this case which keeps taking different directions. it's now focused on these two men. it shows 29-year-old luis sanchez and marvin norwood right before bryan stow was beaten. it clears giovanni ramirez the man who was first declared a suspect. police admit he was the wrong guy. >> it's important to recognize that los angeles police department truly believes it's just as important to exonerate the innocent as to implicate the guilty. sometimes it takes longer than
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we would like but that is nature of the business. >> reporter: bryan stow has been in the hospital since the march 31st attack. he is in serious condition and his health is unpredictable. earlier last week he had emergency surgery but later the family announced he had a breakthrough and was responding to commands. two men accused of beating him have violent criminal histsd. they face up to nine years in prison. police do believe that sanchez's sister drove the getaway car that night. they say some fans in the stands reported two belligerent men in their section and police tracked them down through ticket sales. our time is 6:04. a young man will return home to richmond this evening after surviving a bear attack in the alaskan wilderness and then he
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helped save the lives of two other teens that were also mauled. victor martin took part in a wilderness survival program for urban youth. he suffered wounds to his ankles and feet. he also put some of the skills he learned through three weeks of training by treating two other wounds for more than eight hours until help arrived. >> he fell down. after he fell down. he started praying. thank god i taught my child how to pray. >> they spent three weeks to train the teens before leaving them to fend for themselves. san jose city council consider approving fines for people that put their garbage cans. in santa rosa, it replaces an ordinance sets a limit on
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garbage containers. more than 12 hours before the scheduled pick up or leaf it out more than 12 hours afterwards. fines would be hundred dollars or more. work up a sweat, you shouldn't work up a sweat because it's cool. >> let's check in with mike. >> how are you guys doing? water vapor imagery. under cutting that, area of low pressure that is moving up to the north. that is bringing that sea breeze back into our forecast and because of that, we see so many clouds this morning. we have a beautiful sunrise just about to break out on our tam cam. hope we can show that to you in the next couple of minutes. let's move in in o and talk about what shamg right now. look at the temperatures, all in the 50s as we speak. it's about as cold as it's going to get. we'll hang out for several hours this morning because of the cloud cover. that will slow the warming to
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temperatures about 35-10 degrees cooler than average. low to mid-80s in the east bay valleys. low to mid 57's around the bay shore. mid to upper 60s with cloud cover along the coast, san francisco and into richmond. mid-70s, santa cruz, salinas and low to mid-80s inland. accu-weather seven-day forecast, what we're seeing temperatures that are going to be about the same tomorrow. then a slow climb wednesday, thursday, any, by saturday and sunday away from the coast, it could be warmer than average. good morning. northbound 101, we got an accident on peninsula avenue blocking the left lane. just minor slowing. we will follow that for you. we mentioned last time, power outage in berkeley affecting curtis and delaware streets.
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drive toward concord and on to the 24 junction, moving at the limit and no problems reported this hour. >> thanks a lot, sue. >> just ahead, critical announcement that could finally end a month long n.f.l. walkout. >> and she was accosted by the man that heads the imf. what a housekeeper is saying about allegations against dominique strauss-kahn. >> and find out how the san francisco giants is meeting in washington, d.c. i'm laura, and this is my cvs.
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it's now 6:12. hotel maid that accused the imf head of sexually assaulting her is speak out. she spoke exclusively with abc news. she says she wants dominique strauss-kahn to go to jail. 32-year-old immigrant is accusing him of sexually assaulting her while she was working at a hotel. she says she did not know who he was until she saw it on the news. >> i was watching on the news. then they say, he is going to be the next president of france! i said -- oh, my god.
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i was crying. they are going to kill me. >> why did you think that? >> he is powerful man like that? they are going to kill me before someone knows. >> you can see more of the exclusive interview coming up right on "good morning america." >> the bay area has lost a bay area aviation icon and we lost a great friend. aviation consultant, ron wilson pad away over the weekend. he spent 43 years as trusted spokesman for san francisco international airport. he loved that place and when he retired in 2002 he had more than a year of unused vacation time. later as abc7 consultant, he provided a gold mine of information offering his expertise to better understand the story.
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sfo issued a statement. for the last quarter century, the name ron wilson was synonymous with san francisco airport operations. >> a coroner's report that could shed new lighted on the death of amy winehouse. she was found dead in her london home saturday morning. wine house who shot to fame with her album back to black battled addictions. they refused to speculate on the cause of death but it does not appear suspicious. thousands of fans left tributes and flowers. this morning, house minority leader nancy pelosi is calling for an ethics investigation into a fellow democrat. he met with david wu over the weekend to discuss allegations of sexual misconduct. he is accused of making unwanted
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sexual advances towards an unidentified woman. neither pelosi or wu would talk about it but she would ask the house ethics committee to investigate. you are examining delays to develop. >> to go flight tracker at thick clouds is where we find most of our neighborhoods this morning. few up around 2500 feet. mount tamalpais, this is the beauty you get to see. almost on golden pond as the warm sunshine is bringing it in. let's talk about those temperatures, they are rather comfortable this morning from 54 in santa rosa to about 57 around oakland. we have the same type of temperatures around monterey bay and inland and patchy drizzle here also. let's talk about highlights
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lingering clouds today, cooler than average afternoon temperatures. patchy drizzle tomorrow morning and the weekend is warming trend where we'll get rid of the clouds and drizzle and get temperatures above average. today we're b all about 3-10 degrees cooler than average. even places like santa rosa, warmer. fremont the same and san jose about 2-3 degrees cooler. let's show you why. cloud cover, over the next couple of hours, it gets thicker around the bay. by can the, starts to retreat out of the beast bay valleys and south bay. by noon it's back to the coast where it will be rather stubborn. peninsula coast, it will stay cloudy. 70s and 80s dominate most neighborhoods. summer heat gone for a couple of days. 80 in los gatos, one of the
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warmer spots, 76 in san jose and 74 in sunnyvale. on the peninsula low to mid-70s. millbrae the exception, 68 degrees. clouds along the coast and temperatures holding in the low to mid-50s. downtown south san francisco, more sunshine and a little bit warmer, mid-60s for you. 70 in sausalito, as you head up 101, mid to upper 70s to 80 in cloverdale. richmond, berkeley mid to upper 60s for you. hercules around 72 also. 70s in the east bay valleys but 79 in danville. 78 in dublin and everybody else in the low to mid-80s. cooling taking place, watsonville, salinas, mid-70s. now, if you are thinking about heading over to the giants game, they don't play today. a's play today. they are over in the coliseum
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taking on the rays, about 62 degrees and drop down to 58. our lows will be in the 50s tonight. drizzle along the coast. temperatures tomorrow the same and much warmer by the weekend. we're going to go out to berkeley. we've got a major problem westbound 80. you can see at the top of your screen right here. that is where the accident is. traffic is barely getting through, even the eastbound direction is slowing. an accident westbound 80, university lanes one and three, debris in the roadway there. traffic is trickling in through the macarthur maze and backed up to university. accident northbound 101, just past peninsula avenue and left lane is blocked. westbound 580 slow traffic out of manteca toward tracy. slow traffic over the altamont pass over to livermore, as well.
6:19 am, that is where you can go for all your information. click on bay area traffic. this morning, two people familiar with negotiations tell the associated press the n.f.l. and players' association has officially reached a deal to end the lockout. they agreed yesterday's on final details for ironing out a new ten-year contract. despite the agreement players themselves have to go to approve the deal. this morning's news means, it's far more likely that a vote could come as early today. if it's approved, team facilities could reopen by wednesday with training camps starting this weekend. >> san francisco giants will take their world series championship celebration to the white house. it marks the latest for the honor since they won first their first world championship since moving to san francisco. it's taking place a few months
6:20 am
later than originally planned because the team was supposed to meet the president when they played in washington, d.c. in april but the president was busy making plans for a strike on osama bin laden that week. and ed lee he got a judges approval to skip out on jury duty so he could be there. the mayor was summoned as a potential juror last thursday but the judge exudes him almost immediately because of his trip. he is scheduled to return tomorrow to sign the city's new budget. that would exclude him from jury duty. >> coming up, a batch of phony apples, a realistic phony apple store. >> a pint for a pint. a new inseven if i have that
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starting today there is tasty treat to tempt to you donate blood. that is treat. bay area blood donors will receive a pint of it's cream to donate a pint of blood. they are offering the coupons from baskins robbins. it will run through the end of august. >> a new hint what will be included in the next i-phone.
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according to experts, they will have new control feature called assistance. i will be able to speak a command into the phone like buy movie tickets tonight and phone will come up with a list of theaters. >> more bad apples. they found a total of five fake apple stores in a china city it was complete with employees in the trademark blue t-shirts. city officials have inspected 300 electronic stores and found five apple wannabes. three remain open because inspectors didn't find any fake products for sale. still ahead, a reason for hope. latest updated on a condition of a 11-year-old bay area child hit by a stray bullet last friday.
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>> plus, ninth time this month, richmond police are investigating a murder. what this one makes a bit different than recent killings. >> we're learning more about what place say happened to bryan stow when he was beaten after a giants game. i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco. i'll have the details for you up next. >> we have flight arrival delays into sfo of nearly 37 minutes. it's the only major airport it's the only major airport running behind schedule. ♪ ♪ free access to chase atm's wherever you are.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, opening bell right there to start the trading day. okay futsd are falling after congressional leaders fail to agree on raising the debt limit. if an agreement is not reached by tuesday, u.s. could default on the debt and could have a catastrophic impact on financial markets. we'll go live to the new york stock exchange in 15 minutes. >> an exclusive look at the two southern california men in the beating of bryan stow. they are expected in court to face charges hours from now. amy hollyfield is live at san francisco general where stow continues to slowly recover. >> reporter: some are questioning if they are responsible for itself beating. bryan stow is still in the
6:31 am
hospital in serious condition and why aren't they facing more serious charges. we do have an exclusive picture of the two men. police have given us permission to use these pictures. detectives say that several people in the stands reported that there were two aggressive belligerent fans in this section. police tracked them down through ticket sales records. prosecutors say they cut his tongue, put out his eye and slit his nose, ear and lip. they only face three charges, mayhem, assault and battery. >> i think the complaint is under charged f.i was going to charge mayhem i would charge aggravated mayhem and the alternative, i would also charge the crime of torture which also carries a life sentence. >> reporter: their arrest clears giovanni ramirez the man first
6:32 am
accused in the beating. l.a. police admit they got it wrong. the new suspects both have violent criminal histories. they are both due in court to face these charges this morning. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." richmond police are investigating the city's ninth homicide this month. latest case took place saturday night. police found a 20-year-old man shot to death near 24th street and macdonald avenue. a 29-year-old man was rushed thopt with gunshot wounds. investigators suspect gun violence but they don't think it's connected to the recent rash of killings that led to the creation of a new task force. a 11-year-old is in the hospital after a stray bullet just missed her heart. it was around 11:00 friday evening. shots rang out and at least one window went through the window
6:33 am
of a ground floor apartment. the family says the bullet hit her in the chest while kneeling on a bed waiting for her uncle to bring her a late night snack. they have arrested two teenagers in this case. funeral services shall scheduled for oscar grant's best friend in newark. they say someone fired at his car as he sat at a gas station on tennison road on july 13th. they held a vigil the next day. they don't think the shooting was random. he was with grant when he was shot by johannes mehserle. the family says he will be buried next to grant. >> four middle school boys are charged with sexually assaulting two girls during a field trip.
6:34 am
the attacks apparently took place after the boys broke away from the school group during a field trip in march. a fifth boy also faces charges but he will be looked at separately. >> a young man will fly back to richmond after surviving a grizzly bear mauling. victor martin escaped the mauling with bite wounds. he used his skills to help other teens that were in critical condition. instructors spent the first three weeks teaching wilderness schools before letting them fentd for themselves sefs. >> how could they train them three weeks and let them go out where the bears are. they should have had a guide that know something about this. >> martin spent eight hours caring for the two mauled teens
6:35 am
until help arrived. >> this morning, fire officials in the east bay are looking for the cause of the second big vegetation fire in a week. this fire was reported just before 11:30 yesterday morning. the crews got there and blaze had consumed an acre and burning toward the east bay mud reservoir. fire was contained to three acres. nobody was hurt. it is considered suspicious. 6:35. what the level, for example, of wildfires, the level of threat, danger? >> i would say with the cool temperatures, the following out there, probably diminished. back in the midwest, mike? >> we were feeling your pain last week. >> which one was it? >> it was both. it's fun to taste it and appreciated what we had.
6:36 am
here is a look, nice to see acre back. area of low pressure bringing the sea breeze. it's why we have a patchy drizzle to contend with. and check out winds southwest 9, oakland, west at 10. napa southeasterly wind 25 at fairfield where a nice sea breeze is shooting through the central valley. temperature is one degree warmer in los gatos. two in san jose, everybody else at the same or five degrees cooler than yesterday. clouds hang around through 8:00. we'll still be in the 50s. by noon, the clouds are out of our valleys, still hanging on to the coast. san francisco and over towards oakland, you shall still in the 50s to low 60s while everybody is in the upper 50s to low 70s during lunchtime. 4:00, clouds along coastguard into san francisco and a little bit of fog still lingering over
6:37 am
towards oakland. rest of us in the 70s, even some 80s in the east bay valleys. seven-day forecast, repeat performance tomorrow and warming trend begins wednesday. here is sue with an accident update. >> we had an earlier accident, westbound 80. east shore freeway. here is the scene right here and emergency crews have gotten that accident out of the lanes. traffic is just starting to get through. you can see the emergency crews right here. what has happened? we had two separated accidents, motorcycle down westbound university. three left lanes has been cleared to the side. a fender-bender approaching albany and that damage is done. traffic is backed up to san pablo dam road. to make matters worse, coming into the maze, northbound 880 to the bridge there is an accident reported there, as well. san mateo bridge, westbound, you see the taillights are looking
6:38 am
pretty good. once you get over to sm san mateo we do have an accident cleared northbound 101 right on peninsula avenue, cleared to the shoulder. public transit that is looking good. everything is running on time. worries on wall street this morning, the failing weekend negotiations that many worry will tank the market today. and right now, live look at the big board, the dow down 118 points already. >> also, fire in the skies, terrifying moments after an american airlines jets catches fire in midair. >> and a man prepares to face a judge in norway in disturbing allegations about why he went on that killing spree. >> reporter: live in east palo alto where two men were shot
6:39 am
overnight. i'll have a live report coming
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you can make a difference. welcome back. coming up on 6:43. you see a few lingering radar returning, most of the state is going to be dry today. palm springs, 104. 75 in san diego. 81 in l.a. clouds around big sur but
6:43 am
sunshine by the afternoon and 75. central valley, ranges from 90 in sacramento to near 100 in fresno and 90 in yosemite. in norway this morning, a moment of silence for the 93 people killed at a youth camp and in an explosion in oslo. we're getting word that a hearing for the suspect in the attack has just ended. a judge held his first court appearance behind closed doors but he said he confessed to the attacks during a hearing. he requested an open hearing because he wanted to explain his massacre to the public. he even prepared a statement for the court hearing before carrying out the attacks. police are examining a youtube video and 1500 page manifest oh believed to be that of him. he firearms and explosives for those that betrayed europe.
6:44 am
he believed the rise in the number of muslims was ruining the country there. the manifesto was taken word from word biothe unibomber and judge held him in isolation for four weeks now. >> they are looking into a cause of fire aboard an american jetliner that was forced to make an emergency landing last night. it can seen dumping fuel before making an emergency landing in dallas. it was on its way to brazil when the landing gear caught fire shortly after takeoff. the disabled plane managed to land safely. >> congressional leaders and republicans plan to talk about the weekend clash over extending the u.s. government's debt ceiling. it ended with john barren saying
6:45 am
he could no longer negotiate with the president. the government could default on its debt if a deal is not reached by august 2nd. democrats wanted to see the debt deal go through next year. they say gop only wants to extend the did he live ceiling for a shorter period. >> have to go through this whole exercise all over again. >> i know she worried about his next election, my god, shouldn't he be worried about the country. >> current debt ceiling stands at more than $14 trillion. white house and economists believe a default could drive up interest rates. wall street is bracing for the possibility after a huge sell-off because of debt negotiation. >> jane king is live at the new york stock exchange with more on that. >> we are lower open, quite a bit. after president obama and congress failed over the weekend to come up with a budget deal
6:46 am
that would keep the u.s. from defaulting on its dead. remember, even if a last minute deal is reached, the political squabbling could still result like standard & poor's downgrading the debt. we currently have the highest aaa rating. let's look at the numbers. dow, nasdaq, s&p 500 down by 1%. dow is 123 points and silicon valley index down half a percent. research in motion cutting 2,000 jobs. it loses market share to apple's i-phone. and the maker of shrek and netflix offers exclusive rights to its film. deal would replace a deal that they currently have with hbo. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king.
6:47 am
hundreds of same-sex couples begin lining up in hopes of getting a marriage license in new york. the state's new law legalizing same-sex marriage took effect yesterday with more than a thousand ceremonies taking part across stated. >> the law requires a 24-hour waiting period to get married. so couples couldn't find a judge are beginning to get hitched today. the state will ring up $400 million in the next three years due to same-sex marriages. in new york city, 823 same-sex couples signed up at the post office to get married yesterday. >> now we can truly take care of each other. we can truly be married.
6:48 am
>> new york is the sixth and largest stated to legalized same-sex marriage but not everyone is celebrating. thousands of protestors called for the state to put to the law to a vote. after spending several days in the midwest i've never been so happy to see fog. >> you can look at it more. >> thank you. >> everybody else will see a lot, too. there is drizzle because throw some drizzle but wait there is more. 6:48 this morning and looking down from mount tamalpais on the thick fog that is causing 37 minute flight arrival delays into sfo. let's see what it is doing for temperatures. mid to upper 50s around the bay and also down into the monterey bay. as far as highlights, lingering clouds, cooler than average temperatures.
6:49 am
clouds will come back tonight and bring more drizzle for tomorrow morning's commute. the weekend is trending warmer. july should end up on a warmer than average note. today compared to average, everybody is cooler. oakland three degrees shy. san francisco four, 2347 livermore. san jose is 8 and double-digits below average in redwood city. 83 today, it's 73. upper 70s in danville. low to mid-80s for the east bay valleys. this is a as warm as it gets around the bay area. mid to upper 50s, ri richmond and berkeley, you can see some of the fog lingering into the afternoon hours into your neighborhood. low to mid-70s and 80 at los gatos. mid to upper 70s in the south bay. you can see clouds and breeze lingering around millbrae. for you and low to mid-70s for the rest of peninsula from north to south. low to mid 50s and a lot of
6:50 am
cloud cover around the coast. downtown san francisco, we'll see sunshine but only mid-50s for you. sausalito all the way up 101, 70 degrees in santa rosa. a lot of 80s around clearlake and ukiah, 20 degrees cooler at your beaches in the north bay. clouds will keep monterey and carmel, n mid-70s. more sunshine around salinas. morgan hill, low to mid-80s. a's are taking on the rays from tampa bay. 62 dropping down to 57 degrees. tonight temperatures in the 50s once again. you see the green in the east bay hills. along the peninsula and out towards the coast. trough trough of low pressure digging back down into the bay area and will keep us cooler than average. so tomorrow, not much of a difference between today and tomorrow. wednesday see the clouds become less humid and non-existent by
6:51 am
thursday. friday over the weekend, wall to wall sunshine with temperatures four to ten degrees warmer than today. have a great day. here is sue. >> westbound 80 you may want to few minutes, major accident with a sig alert, westbound at university. traffic is backed all the way to san pablo dam road. that accident at university is gone but the back-up in albany, there is another accident of bumper-to-bumper, i should say fender-bender and back to san pablo dam road where we have a stall. in the maze, 880 northbound to westbound bay bridge, we've got an accident at the center divide. a stall approaching the tolls, tractor-trailer blocking the right lanes so the bay bridge is not looking good either. metering lights remain off so once you get on the span it's not such a bad ride into san
6:52 am
francisco., that is the place to go for all of your news including this mess on 80 and click on bay area traffic. it's now 6:52. it appears gas prices or the rise once again. average price is just dime over the past two weeks. nationwide 3.70. in california, 3.78 statewide. lowest price is 3.69 in fresno. bay area has the highest prices, 3.83. several major prescription drugs are about to become cheaper. 7 of the world's 20 will be available in generic versions because the brand name patents are about to expire. cholesterol fighter lipitor and blood shiner plavix. they are used by six million americans. generic cost 20-80% less.
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many more o or their way. harry potter may be magical but no avenger. it topped the box office. the first avenger opened as number one, $65 million was the take. harry potter took second, friends with benefits opened three, transformers, dark of the moon and horrible bosses rounded out the top five films. >> police in east palo alto are investigating a double shooting days after police promised a new crackdown. nick smith is live with more for us. >> reporter: the two overnight shootings are raising the level of anxiety in a community that has seen its share of violence. take a look at some video. last night about 10:25, two men,
6:54 am
a 19-year-old and 18-year-old were in this parking lot on east bay shore road. while they were outside of their car, they were fired upon by an unknown suspect the. the shooting would send the 18-year-old to the hospital but leave the 19-year-old failedly wounded and he was pronounced dead at the scene. there have been four people shot and killed in east palo alto bringing this body count to six. police either will not say or do not know if the shootings have any connection or are related. they have instituted a summer violence reduction plan. later today at 11:00 they plan to announce the progress that anonymous tips have played in their investigation. for the other top story we will go live to amy hollyfield who is in san francisco. >> good morning. two men who were accused of
6:55 am
beating bryan stow will be in court this morning. he is still in serious condition at san francisco general hospital. police believe that he not only beat stow but they think he cut his tongue and lip and nose. here are the pictures of the men seen at the game. their arrest clears giovanni ramirez. she man who was first accused in the beating. police now admit they got it wrong. bryan stow is the father of two. he is still in serious condition earlier in the week last week, he had emergency surgery and later in the week he had a breakthrough and was responding to commands. if the two men are convicted of these charges they could face nine years in prison. a court appearance is scheduled for 8:30 this morning. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." final check on weather
6:56 am
forecast. it's cool out there. >> it's cool, clouds, drizzle, flight arrival delays into sfo, just a typical summertime morning around the bay area with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. by the afternoon hours, clouds will return to the coastguard keeping mid-60s around half moon bay, san francisco and a cool breeze will do the same for richmond. low to mid-70s around the bay shore. mid to upper 70s in the south bay and north bay with low to mid-80s in the east bay valleys. however, if you look at the weekend forecast, why not on a monday, it's going to be much warmer as we round off july. good morning. we've got problems on the approach to bay bridge, maze, 880, northbound, an accident at the center divide. a stall approaching the tolls in the right lane. trailer tractor blocking that lane. metering lights remain off. westbound 80, earlier accident at university, very slow traffic. that has been cleared, back-up
6:57 am
another accidental ban any and stall at san pablo dam road. you will find a slow commute off and on to the bay bridge. once i get on the deck, it's okay all the way into san francisco. thank you for joining us. >> join us for midday news at 11:00. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. these sweehoney clustery things have fiber?
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fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyo recognition. fibeone.
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